Sorceress Protocol is a decentralized project originally developed by Russian Polkadot community developers. The protocol is developed for the purpose of continuously contribute to the security and effectiveness of the polka ecology.

From May 19th to May 27th, Sorceress Protocol has hosted an airdrop event rewarding the first 3000 participants. Each participant is rewarded 2 SOR.

The airdrop has brought over 6000 live members into the Sorceress Protocol Telegram community which has brought a significant reputation of Sorceress Protocol.

With Sorceress Protocol launching the new Bounty Program which contains a $3000 reward in total, Sorceress Protocol will certainly be recognized by more communities as an innovational decentralized project.

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Dear community members,

Right after our Telegram Airdrop Event, we are happy to announce that the Sorceress Protocol Twitter Airdrop Bounty has ended. We appreciate all participants for supporting Sorceress protocol. Here is a recap of this event.

The airdrop event was launched on May 25th and ended on May 31st. Participants have joined the Telegram group and submitted their TRON address for the airdrop. the tweet has gained approximately 2000 views and 300 interactions. Twitter account followers have risen to 1530. Thank you all for your participation and support.

If you have not yet joined us: